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CIJ Clarity Catalyst
for Seekers

An 8-Week Live In-Person Course
Led by Ashley Deaton
Thursdays, March 9th – April 27th
5:30pm – 7:30pm (CST)

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Are you a woman who's ready for more, but lack the clarty needed to get to your next level?

Do you feel stuck and unsatisfied..Maybe in a relationship, your career, or your health/fitness?

Are you lacking passion and joy while doing your best to manage negativity and difficult emotions? 

Do you long to live a life full of fulfillment, purpose, and authenticity, but not sure how to do that?

CIJ's Clarity Catalyst is a State-of-the-Art Program Based on a Stanford University Master’s Degree Course that was developed in 1979 to cultivate creativity, authenticity and self-expression.

This powerful course has been specifically designed to help women who are seeking more...more passion, purpose, fulfillment, joy, authenticity and more connected relationships. The program includes weekly 2 hour LIVE in-person coaching sessions where students will be able to get clear on what they really want, discover what stands in the way, learn valuable tools for self-empowerment, and regain a zest for life! Clarity, self-confidence, awareness and

passion will increase exponetially!  

In this powerful, 8-week life-enriching course you will be given the blueprint to:

  • Awaken to what you really want in your life so that you have the clarity to intentionally create your next chapter

  • Discover the vast well of creativity that dwells inside of you so you can powerfully share it with those you love...and the world

  • Work through the fear & self-doubt that has been stopping you, so you can step into the life that is waiting for you 

  • Rewrite & reprogram your present mindset with positive empowering beliefs that will set you free

  • Connect with a tribe that has been in your shoes and who will encourage and support you on this journey

  • Step into your power, authenticity, & confidence so you can create abundance and shine your light brightly

How It Works...


Unleashing Your Creativity


Reprogramming Your Self-Limiting Beliefs and Judgment


The Power of Being Present (Mindfulness)


Activating & Strengthening Intuition


Discovering Your Life’s Purpose


Mastering Time & Stress 


Mastering Self Love & Your Relationships With Others


Mastering Your Money Mindset & Prosperity

Join the CIJ Clarity Catalyst in-person group program today!

Course investment is typically $850, but when you enroll now with a

$100 deposit, you’ll also get:

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Bonus #1

Money + Miracles

4-week Online Recorded Course with Hay House Author Jennifer Grace


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Bonus #2

2 private 1:1 coaching sessions


The Untethered Soul pic.JPG

Bonus #3

"The Untethered Soul" book by Michael Singer


When you add it all up, that’s a total value of over $1300, and you’ll get it for only $597.

Have questions or need help enrolling?

Email me at


ashley deaton
Mindset & Wellness Coach


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