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This 2-Day event will empower teens with mindset work & practical tools to cultivate

self-confidence for improved performance & success in dance & in life!

Ashley Deaton is a certified life coach and mindset mentor for teens. She is a former Tiger Girl and danced professionally as an NBA Cheerleader before coaching & directing entertainment teams in professional sports for both the NBA and NFL. Her own mental wellness and personal development journey transformed her level of peace, clarity, confidence and purpose so much that she now devotes herself to helping others acheive the same through her coaching business, Soul Werk Coaching.


She is especialy passionate about serving teens and even more specifically dancers! But you don't have to be a dancer to attend this Confidence Masterclass. It will benefit ALL teens and pre-teens looking to improve their level of confidence and self-worth for greater success, better performance and more overall life enjoyment.

In this 2-day Confidence Masterclass you can expect to learn:

  • Easy practices to start cultivating confidence immediately

  • Mindset perspectives to foster more courage & fearlessness

  • Tools to better manage fear, anxiety & difficult emotions

  • Reframing strategies to view Obstacles as Opportunities

Who's it for?

Don't expect a boring lecture or a wanna-be therapy session. Ashley's approach is to have FUN (and tell it like it is) while guiding, uplifting and empowering her students to expand their skillset & awareness in ways that will best support them in school, dance and in life.

If you're a teenage or pre-teen girl ready to kick anxiety, negative self-talk, self-doubt, perfectionism, fear of failure, lack of motivation, etc. to the curb. AND if it sounds exciting to have fun & be more fearless, Confidence on Fire is for you!

When & Where?

The Dance Project in Slidell

Saturday, October 7th - 10am to 12pm

Sunday, October 8th - 12:30pm to 2:30pm

Register for Confidence Camp today!

Students of The Dance Project have first access and are invited to take advantage of a reduced price of $75 during this special limited time launch period (ends on September 29th). 

Price will then go up to $85 and remaining spots will be open to the public.

Scroll down to claim your spot today! 

Once you submit your information below, you will receive an email with payment instructions. Your spot isn't officially confirmed until payment is received to complete the registration process.


Have questions or need help enrolling?

Email me at

Special limited time launch period ends:

ashley deaton
Life & Wellness Coach


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