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Ashley Deaton

Life & Wellness Coach

My career began in 2002 as a dancer, choreographer and coach for the New Orleans Hornets dance team. I quickly progressed into a leadership role, and ultimately found myself promoted to the position of Senior Director of Entertainment Teams for the New Orleans Saints and New Orleans Pelicans. 


But as their leader, I made it my own mission to develop poised, healthy and well-rounded individuals off stage, so they could use their experience to achieve success in their personal and professional lives as well. This realization, coupled with my advocacy for personal development, spiritual growth, and mental health & wellness, inspired me to take my coaching skills to a more meaningful place as a Life and Wellness Coach.


As a result, I have successfully completed four comprehensive training programs to be awarded professional certifications in both health and life coaching from the Health Coach Institute. I am always continuing my education to ensure the best possible experience and results for my clients, while also being coached myself. “You can only take your clients as far as you’re willing to go.” - Jennifer Bishop, LMHC. As a coach, I am committed to helping my clients reach their highest potential by providing loving support and encouragement as I guide them through mindset work, habit change, spiritual development and accountability. My coaching sessions are intended to not only be enlightening and powerful, but light, enjoyable and even fun!


As a way for me to perfectly merge my passions for dance and coaching, I founded Soul Werk, LLC in early 2021. In my repertoire of services, I not only offer transformational individual and group coaching programs, but also Soul Werk dance classes.  My tag line “Werk the Body + Feed the Soul” perfectly points to the fact that dancing is not only a fantastic workout, but also an expression of the soul. Soul Werk classes synergistically combine a coaching message with feel-good movement and an inspiring closing meditation. Created for dancers and non-dancers alike, this concept class is designed to be incredibly impactful for participants of all types.


Although I am eager to work with all compatible clients, I feel especially called to work with teen girls and young women who are experiencing levels of anxiety like never before. They are not only juggling a demanding school workload and pressure to excel in sports & other activities, but also the added weight put on by social media. The need to “fit in” is causing them to be in constant comparison and competition with their peers leaving them feeling insecure and simply stressed out. My goal as an life and wellness coach is to help these young women feel more confidence and joy by discovering their incomparable worth so they can more fully share their unique gifts and talents with the world. Living this life full-out is the ultimate goal!


I would be grateful for the opportunity to share my love and knowledge of dance and mental wellness with you and/or your group. I can’t wait to make the world a better place…with you…one awesome session at a time.

Want to learn more? I offer complimentary 20-minute “Discovery Calls” where together, we can explore whether a coaching program or Soul Werk class is right for you!

Set up a 20-minute Discovery Call to work with me!
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