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Transformational coaching
90 Day 1:1 Program
Yoga at Home

As a dancer, I use “WERK” instead of “WORK” not only for obvious dance-related reasons, but also because WERK is effortless & fun. Work is not! Life already requires more than enough opportunities to work. It's not always easy to do the inner werk that coaching requires, but it's a magical process and you're worth the effort. I know that you already have all you need to get from where you are to where you want to be. My job is to assist you with tools, guidance, encouragement and accountability to get you there quicker. I contribute my best by always leading with my heart and incorporating an element of fun. If you are ready for greater confidence and self-worth, less fear & anxiety, a deeper sense of purpose and value, improved physical & mental health, a positive growth mindset, accomplishing bigger goals, etc., you're ready for a Soul Werk Transformation!

  • Are you filled with anxiety trying to keep up with all of life’s demands and the expectations of others?

  • Do you struggle with fear, self-doubt, indecision and insecurity?

  • Do you often feel "not good enough" and strive at all costs to prove yourself?

  • Are you challenged by perfectionism or fear of failure?

  • Is your inner critic constantly putting you down?

  • Have you developed bad habits that just feel impossible to change?

  • Are you unmotivaed, uninspired and confused about how to contribute your best?

In the "Transforational Coaching Program" you will...
  • Discover the limiting beliefs that have been keeping you stuck...and rewrite/reprogram them

  • Cultivate more confidence by discovering your incomparable worth

  • Find your inner spark that will lead to more passion, purpose and joy

  • Learn tools to adopt a more positive mindset that will help you see opportunities rather than obstacles

  • Tame anxiety and overwhelm by getting in flow with life

  • Learn to live with authenticity and intention for a live lived FULL OUT

In this customized VIP one-on-one program, you will receive 12 Weekly One-hour coaching sessions, curated resources, exercises to keep you on track outside of sessions, and email support between calls.

For more information and to determine the right next steps for you, schedule a 

complimentary 20 minute Discovery Call today.

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