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Soul Werk dance
Werk the Body + Feed the Soul

My Soul Werk Dance Classes are the perfect combination of Movement and Mindfulness. In each class our goal is to Werk the Body + Feed the Soul. We first “Feed the Soul” by beginning each class with a mini coaching session that empowers through things like mindset shifts, self-development, and new spiritual perspectives. Then we “Werk the Body” by transitioning into a fun feel-good dance class. All fun and no stress! I always encourage my students to dance like a child who doesn't care how silly she looks or who is watching. I want them to dance solely as an expression of joy without all the self-judgment. Yes please!! We end every class with an awesome meditation to reinforce and integrate the class message & positive vibes so that participants leave feeling AMAZING! Soul-food at it's finest!

​I teach regular Soul Werk classes locally, so if you’re in the New Orleans area I’d love for you to stop by MOVE studio to dance with me. However, everyone can Werk the Body + Feed the Soul by scheduling a Private Soul Werk class for your group, team building session or special event.

Good as Hell MOVE
Its All Good MOVE
Soul Werk Moment 4 Life
Video by ashdeats_soulwerk
Soul Werk Meditation
Just Fine Crescent Park
Watch us werk!

For more information and to determine the right next steps for you, schedule a 

complimentary 20 minute Discovery Call today.

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