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insight for life
A launch pad to college & beyond

An 8-Week Online Course
Led by Ashley Deaton
Mondays, June 19th – August 7th
3:15pm – 5:15pm (CST)

Insight for Life is a State-of-the-Art Program Based on a Stanford University Master’s Degree Course for Self-Mastery.

This transformational course has been specifically designed to help teen girls discover their unique talents and learn valuable self-empowerment tools & techniques that will prepare them for success at school and in life.  The program includes eight weekly 2 hour live group coaching sessions. This is not some do it yourself course, but rather we'll meet live weekly to support and encourage each other through every special class.

In this powerful, 8-week life-enriching course your teen will be given the blueprint to:

  • Master mindfulness tools that will cultivate focus & attention for better results in academics & performance

  • Work through fear & anxiety to more effortlessly manage social & scholastic pressures 

  • Rewrite & reprogram her present mindset with positive empowering beliefs

  • Step into her power & authenticity so that she can live happier & more fulfilled by confidently sharing her unique gifts & talents with the world

  •  Learn effective communication skills that will support conflict resolution & build lasting meaningful relationships

How It Works...

ORIENTATION – Learn What to Expect and Get Set Up for Success!

WEEK 1 – Unleashing Creativity

  • Unearthing the deep well of creativity to become an innovative thinker

  • How to trust the process and work through frustration on the path to success

  • Begin implementing the foundational daily practices of meditation, journaling and gratitude for sharper focus, stress-management and greater sense of calm & clarity

WEEK 2 – Reprogramming Self-Limiting Beliefs and Judgment

  • Meet The Voice of Judgment (or the negative little Gremlin in the head) – learn to stop identifying with the untrue limiting beliefs and stories it tells

  • Discover the Voice of Wisdom that will empower and help to overcome the Gremlin’s hold

  • Learn how to stop judging self and others, to not take things so personally, and to have more peace and ease as a result

WEEK 3 – The Power of Mindfulness

  • Focus on alleviating mind & body stress (anger, depression, guilt, shame) caused by worrying about the past or future

  • Learn how to stay in the present moment to manage fear & anxiety and stop obsessive thinking for benefits like…calm focused presence during test taking, better quality sleep and increased patience

  • Learn to see frustrating situations objectively in order to create powerful solutions in the present moment when school or life gets challenging

WEEK 4 – Activating Intuition

  • Discover practical tools to help eliminate self-doubt & fear, feel more confident about decision making, and stand up to peer pressure

  • Learn the Insight for Life Question Inquiry to unlock answers that are already within about best next steps in school & in life

  • Meet the future self to get a clear vision of where you want to be in 5 years

WEEK 5 – Discovering Your Life’s Purpose

  • Understanding that if fear and limiting beliefs stand in the way of sharing your gifts with others, the world will be less because of it

  • Learn what your most valued qualities are so they can guide you towards purposeful work that will have meaning and fulfillment in the future

  • Discover the three E’s: Ease, Energy, Enjoyment and how to use this to transform the three D’s: Dull, Difficult, or Depressing

WEEK 6 – Mastering Time & Stress (Overcoming Procrastination)

  • Learn the Insight for Life Time Management System to overcome procrastination and effortlessly get things done

  • Create a new relationship with time that allows calm and focus in times of rush and overwhelm

WEEK 7 – Cultivating Self Love & Conscious Communication in Relationships

  • Discover the Art of Self Love and how to cultivate a powerful relationship with SELF that in turn helps relationships with others thrive

  • Awaken to the gifts, growth, and life lessons that only experience with challenging people can provide

  • Learn how to let go of past hurts in relationships in order to move on and soar

WEEK 8 – Cultivating a Healthy Relationship with Money

  • Get clear on what things cost to better understand the value of money

  • Adopt a healthy relationship with money by identifying current money beliefs and upgrading them in a way to best support future success


Join the Insight for Life group program today!

Course invetment is typically $850, but when you enroll with a $100 deposit during this special limited time launch period (ends Sunday, June 11th at midnight), you’ll also get these bonuses:

Self Love journal Canva.jpg

Bonus #1

Self-Love Journal for Teen Girls


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Bonus #2

2 private 1:1 coaching sessions


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Bonus #3

Soul Werk tank top


When you add it all up that’s a total value of over $1,000, and you’ll get it for only $497.

Have questions or need help enrolling?

Email me at


ashley deaton
Empowerment & Wellness Coach


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