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The Inner Dance Experience

Saturday, March 2nd (9am – 3pm)

Move Studio (3508 Hessmer Ave, Metairie)

Teen dancers (or aspiring dancers) age 13-18

Are you a teen dancer (or aspiring dancer) who wants to:
  • Feel confident in who you are and perform well especially when the pressure is on?

  • Bounce back more quickly when things challenge you or don’t go your way?

  • Dance for fun & enjoyment without so much anxiety and perfectionism?

  • Turn negative self-talk into a powerful voice of encouragement?

Then you're going to LOVE The Inner Dance Experience!

IDX participants can expect to:
  • Learn fun choreography from successful inspiring dance mentors

  • Be encouraged to be themselves in a supportive environment with no pressure, competition, or comparison

  • Connect to the most confident, powerful, joyful version of themselves

  • Learn proven coaching strategies to help them become better leaders, manage stress/anxiety effectively, cultivate greater confidence, and more

  • Get audition tips to help elevate performance (mind & body) under pressure

Read below for more information and to meet your

IDX mentors!

Dance, like anything in life, is not JUST physically demanding. The mental and emotional component playing under the surface will either support the dancer’s physical endeavors or it will leave her feeling overwhelmed, defeated and insecure...ultimately taking a toll on performance quality. In order to achieve real success, a champion mindset and emotional resilience is a must or else success comes at the price of physical and mental health.  Working harder will only be effective if there’s also inner work in place to cultivate the confidence, resilience, and courage required to keep reaching higher. The Inner Dance Experience aims to effectively impact the success of the WHOLE dancer.

The Inner Dance Experience is more than just dance. It’s an experience thoughtfully designed to empower and develop well-rounded dancers from the inside out! Dynamic choreography will be delivered side by side with research-backed strategies & activities to reduce stress, improve self-esteem, enhance leadership abilities, and ultimately maximize potential.

All IDX mentors have not only achieved high-level success in their dance careers, but they are accomplished beyond the dance floor as well. They’ve done the inner work by completing at least one of my coaching programs, and understand the importance of cultivating inner strength to support their outer goals. IDX mentors will not only share their dance expertise, but also their best advice to help participants reach their goals. This powerhouse team along-side certified life coaches can’t wait to deliver a memorable experience that is fun, empowering and truly inspirational.

IDX is not about competition and comparison. Dancers will be encouraged to tap into their own inner source of joy and brilliance, cheer on and uplift other dancers, trust their own abilities, and let go of any self-doubt/fear that may creep up. Whether you are an experienced dancer ready for the next level, a beginner dancer just starting out, or simply someone who likes to dance in your living room, The Inner Dance Experience welcomes you!

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We are committed to providing a supportive environment for participants to express themselves authentically, shine their light more brightly, and boldly own the stage of life! This experience will be great preparation for the upcoming audition season and all of the other beautiful opportunities ahead.

We look forward to helping you wake up the fearless performer within at The Inner Dance Experience!

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IDX General Outline of Events:

Registrants so far are all Intermediate/Advanced in skill level so all choreography sill be geared toward that level of experience for our March 2nd event. Empowerment coaching will also focus on tools & strategies that will best support them for the audition season ahead!

Welcome Session

Dance Class 1 

 Group Coaching Workshop

LUNCH & Empowerment Activity

 Dance Class 2 

 Group Coaching Workshop

Dance Class 3 

Closing Celebration

MEet your
IDX dance mentors...

Ashley Deaton


Ashley Deaton is an experienced dancer, choreographer, coach and director. She was an original member of Louisiana State University’s Tiger Girls dance team winning a national championship with the team in 1999. Her experience and skill set eventually brought her to the New Orleans Hornets in 2002 where she joined the organization as a dancer, choreographer and coach for the professional dance team, the Honeybees. She eventually evolved into the role of Senior Director of Entertainment Teams for both the New Orleans Saints and Pelicans. 

As a leader in the field of professional sports entertainment for over 19 years, she had the unique opportunity to coach thousands of dancers during an especially important time in their lives. Her love for mentoring these young people, coupled with her advocacy for personal development, spiritual growth, and mental health & wellness, lead her to take her coaching skills to a more meaningful place as a Life & Wellness Coach. As a coach, she is committed to helping her clients reach their highest potential through mindset work, habit change, spiritual development, accountability, loving support and encouragement.

As a way to perfectly merge her passions for dance and coaching, she founded Soul Werk, LLC in early 2021. She’s especially passionate about working with teen girls and young women who are dealing with social pressures, insecurities and overwhelm. Her ultimate goal is to help all of her clients realize their greatness and cultivate the confidence to boldly share their unique gifts and talents with the world for a life lived FULL OUT.

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